Adrift without a compass


When I was in high school, we had to take a class as part of our PE credit. It was called Outdoor Living. We spent most of the class inside. One thing our teacher tried to teach us was how to read maps and a compass. For the final, he gave us a homemade map and a compass. We had to use the map and the compass to find a particular spot on our high school campus. My friend and I wandered around for most of the class period completely lost. Even though we knew where we were as far as our campus, we could never quite figure out how where we were related to our destination. Our teacher finally had to come find us.

I feel the same way now. After finishing a stint at our local community college, I am again without a job. I find myself lost within the familiar confines of my life. Nothing feels the same. I can see where I am on the map, but I don’t know how to get where I am going. I am not even sure of my destination anymore. What is it that I want to do? How am I going to earn a living? Where is my compass?

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