So many things are out of my control lately. I lost my teaching job after 15 years of loyal service. No one is calling me for an interview. My mother’s health is declining. My son is growing up. I am growing older.

While I can’t control these things, I can focus on the things I can control.

I can get up every morning and go to my teaching job for the last few weeks I have it. I can continue to make a difference until the last day.

I can write every day. I can share my unique perspective with the world and learn from the perspectives of others.

I can make choices to improve my health and my outlook on life. I can eat healthy foods and exercise.

Maybe, I can’t control the challenges that life chooses to give me, but I can control how I choose to meet them.

via Daily Prompt: Control

6 thoughts on “Control

      1. Jane, truly you are an excellent writer. I enjoyed reading very much! Keep pressing on!! I am embracing the last few days of my son’s Senior year and all the activities that are included in this “season’. I am longing to get back to ” writing ” again myself:) Looking forward to visiting and reading more from you:) blessings, denise

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